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The Canón printer driver software is a famous brand that provides the best printing, scanning, faxing and copying documents. It’s drivers will help to install the latest and updated software for your Canón printer. Visit Canón printer official website: ìjstartcánon and get to know the simple and quick steps to download and connect your Canón printer software with your operating device.

A Quick Guide to Canón Printer Setup

  • Make sure your printer hardware is configured.
  • On your PC browser, go to ìjstartcánon.
  • Click Set Up.
  • Using your Canón IJ printer model, the download printer software.
  • Double click to install it.
  • Connect a network to your printer and PC.
  • Finish the Canón IJ printer setup.

Canón Printer Model Number- Where to Find it?

Canón printer model number can be found on a sticker on the back of your printer. Also, you can find it inside the printer. For example, you can find the printer model number of your Canón Pixma printer on its backside. The structure of your Canón printer model number varies depending on its model type. In general, Canón Pixma has model numbers with nine characters. If your purchased product provides only printing functionality, then it will be ten digits long. If it provides scanning, faxing, printing, and copying, the printer model number will be eight digits long.

Connect Your Canón Printer with ìjstartcánon

Go to ìjstartcánon to set up your Canón printer and scanner. Also, get the best possible support to download and install Canón printer drivers and software. Canón inkjet printer is the ultimate solution for your various works that makes your day-to-day life easy at your home and office. Here, at ìjstartcánon, you get complete information about Canón product’s functioning, online manuals, and a lot more. The official online support website ìjstartcánon offers the most reliable and authentic steps to set up your Canón printers and scanners.

Steps to Setup the Network for the Device via ìjstartcánon

  • First, go to the Canón printer’s operational section and select the Menu button.
  • Then reach the next screen and choose the ‘Network Settings’ option.
  • After that, you must choose the ‘LAN'option and then hit the OK button.
  • Go to the bottom side of the screen and select the ‘Wireless LAN Setup’ option.
  • Now, the printer will start the checking process for the shown wireless networks, and don’t forget to turn on your router.
  • You will see the all-Wi-Fi networks list over the screen.
  • Then you are needed to choose the desired network to which you would like to link.
  • Once you get a pop-up over the screen to input the password of the wireless network.
  • Once you input the password, hit the OK button.
  • Go to the ‘Confirm Settings’ screen appearing on the screen.
  • Later, check each given detail and hit the button of OK.
  • Now, wait until the device gets connected to the wireless network.
  • You should click on the OK button.
  • Then you can proceed with ‘ìjstartcánon‘ to download the latest compatible drivers and software with your device.
  • Before proceeding, look at the printer’s model number.
  • After doing this, the printer setup procedure through ìjstartcánon will be completed.
  • Lastly, you are all set to print the docs whenever you want.

Ways to Setup Canón Printer On Windows & Mac (Wireless) – Canón IJ Setup Guide


  • To begin, go to ‘ìjstartcánon’ and install the software for your printer’s driver.
  • Turn on your Canón printer and double-check that the power switch is correctly plugged in.
  • After that, open the downloaded driver setup file and click next until you reach the screen where you may select “Wireless Setup”.
  • Now, navigate to your Canón printer’s interface and touch the WiFi setup button after selecting the wireless option.
  • Click OK after selecting the device settings.
  • Next, Choose Device Settings LAN Settings and press the ‘OK’ button
  • LAN Setting Wireless Lan Setup and press on ‘OK’ Now your printer will search for the access point.
  • Make sure you turn on your WiFi router. The WiFi flashlight is now going to blink on the printer.
  • Next on the screen is a network list. Select from the list your Wi-Fi network and click ‘OK.
  • Show your WPA/WEP key (WiFi password). Enter the correct password and click “OK”.
  • Your printer can connect to the WiFi network in a few moments.
  • Therefore, you may quickly complete the wireless Canón ij setup for your Windows machine using the preceding instructions.


  • First, download and set up the driver through ìjstartcánon Mac.
  • In the first portion of this text, follow the instructions above to insert the Canón Printer on your device on the same WiFi network.
  • Then open the Apple menu and then click on System Preferences. Open System Preferences.
  • From the system preferences window, click the printer shaped icon called “Printers and scanners”.
  • Click the “+” sign in the bottom left of the screen, which shows a pop window.
  • If connected already through the network, you may see your printer name in the left pane. To start the setup procedure, click on it.
  • Check, and you’re going to be ready for use.